Hananiah Wilson

Hananiah is composed of pixels* at a fundamental level.

*This has not yet been determined scientifically.

Hananiah Wilson feels a strong affinity for the world inside her computer.

She manipulates pixels for money, previously freelancing for graphic design and currently as a business analyst on a software development team. She fights for the good guys in the immortal battle to defeat Comic San's evil plan to take over the internet.

She is a FIRST Robotics Competition team 4534 alumna and mentor. She has been an advisory board member of Cape Fear Women in Tech and secretary of Port City Robotics. She writes in Gallifreyan, the language of the Time Lords from the British television show Doctor Who, and sold custom Gallifreyan products in her Etsy store. She is Myers Briggs INTP. The geek is strong with this one.

As a current resident of the Milky Way, Hananiah Wilson attempts to discover the systems that rule the universe. God is her theory of everything.

When not attached to a computer, you will find her attached to a book, singing along with symphonic metal, plotting her future sci-fi novels, and attempting epic ninja-kicks during soccer games.

Hananiah is pronounced Han-nah-ny-ah. She also goes by her nickname, Hannah.