Hananiah is made of pixels* at a basic level.

*Science has not yet confirmed this.


Hananiah Wilson feels a strong affinity for the world inside her computer. At work, she streamlines the software development team by outlining project requirements. She has been referred to as “Keeper of the List” and “Flow Master”. She loves to distill the vision for a new project into its parts and crystalize them into actionable tasks. She fights to make software people want to use.

She may be a secret mad scientist. She runs lifestyle experiments on herself. She has been referred to as obsessive. She loves to think new ideas and on impulse put them into ation. She strives for improvement.

Jesus is her theory of everything. As a current resident of the Milky Way, Hananiah attempts to discover the systems that rule the universe. She loves to wonder at the beauty in the world. She seeks to live a life of meaning.

When not attached to a computer, you will find her attached to a book, singing along with symphonic metal, wandering in the woods, or knocking people over during soccer games.

Hananiah is pronounced Han-nah-ny-ah. She also goes by her nickname, Hannah.