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10 Days to Lose 100 Friends: A Sarcastic Facebook Post Series

By October 5, 2016 No Comments

Everyone loves to hate Facebook. I went a step further and made fun of Facebook on Facebook in a ten part sarcastic post series. Every day I picked an annoying type of Facebook post and wrote a post in that style. Read my ten types of annoying Facebook posts below, but be warned of massive sarcasm.



Day 1: Oops, I thought this was my diary

Note: Some kind people thought I was actually depressed and commented nice things. I sent them messages so they wouldn’t worry.


Day 2: Guilt sharing


Day 3: Faux open invitations


Day 4: Vaguebooking


Day 5: Facebook games

Note: I think that Farmville may have hit its peak in my middle school days when my friends would send me endless requests. Candy Crush Saga may be a more modern equivalent.


Day 6: Hate overload

Note: I was very careful to pick a subject of hate that would not offend anyone. Thankfully, Kim Kardashian is socially acceptable to hate and famous enough that everyone knows who she is.


Day 7: Campaigners whose exclusive strategy for promoting their ideal is attacking the opposition and its supporters

Note: I wrote this the morning after the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debate. The timing couldn’t have been better. Too bad this is my first election to vote in.


Day 8: Excessive food and lifestyle photography


Day 9: Quote cliches


Day 10: Vainbooking

Note: These pictures do not reflect my normal appearance.


A Non-Sarcastic Conclusion