Increase Squarespace Post Liking with an Exploding Heart GIF (Free Tutorial and Download)

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By default with the Squarespace themes I’ve used so far, a little heart icon is hidden at the bottom of blog posts that explodes tiny hearts when clicked. I like this style of liking since it’s an anonymous and simple way for readers to show appreciation. However, this icon is often buried under content and other widgets. Here’s how I attempt to remedy that and prompt readers to like my posts by using an animated GIF.


If you have the “Simple Liking” feature enabled and your Squarespace theme displays the little heart at the bottom of blog posts, here is a simple way to increase post liking by embedded a small GIF at the bottom of every blog post.

If your Squarespace blog does not have this feature enabled, please see this tutorial:


The GIF:


The result:

The small GIF loops to show readers that they can click the icon to like the post. I also include a short explanatory sentence to the right.



How to do this on your blog

To add this GIF to your blog, follow these directions for every blog post you’d like to add the GIF to. (You can experiment with adding it to some posts and not to others to see what result it has on your posts.)


1. Download the GIF File

I created this GIF by taking a screen capture video with Camtasia Studio and converting it to a looping GIF file. If your Squarespace template matches this GIF, you can just download the file below. If not and you have the technical means, you can create your own screen capture GIF.


2. Upload the GIF to the bottom of your blog post

Edit the blog post, add an “Image” block, and upload the GIF file. (Here’s a tutorial to get you started with Squarespace blogging if you don’t have your blog set up yet.)


3. Add spacing and prompt sentence

Finally, I add a “Spacer” block to the left of the GIF to make the GIF match the actual size of the post’s icon and write a sentence with instructions or a prompt to like the post. (I generally experiment with different prompts for variety and to test different versions.)

Don’t forget to save your post.


And now you’re done!


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