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Why do designers keep asking me for my logo in strange file types?

By March 17, 2016 No Comments

If you have ever worked with graphic designers, they may have asked you for your logo in a file type you didn’t recognize. Your computer might not even be able to open the files. But these files are extremely important to graphic designers. Here’s why.

As a graphic designer, I work with many different companies’ logos to create websites, business cards, flyers, and print materials. I will also put sponsor logos on event flyers and shirts. But often these logo files are sent to me as low resolution JPG image files. The JPG file type greatly limits what I can do with it, since

  1. It’s often too small
  2. The image has a white or colored background
  3. You can’t edit the contents of the image

When you’re working with a designer to create any sort of marketing material, resist the urge to just send a JPG file of your logo.

The next time a graphic designer asks you for your logo files, look for the following letters (file extensions) at the end of the files:

If you absolutely can not find one of these files, a PNG file with a transparent background is the next best option. But an AI, EPS, or PDF file type is ideal since it will allow the designer to scale the logo as large as needed, which is crucial for high resolution designs. And if you’re getting an apparel design such as a screen printed t-shirt, they won’t accept anything other than one of these file types.

If you don’t have access to these file types, ask the original graphic designer who designed your logo. Then save the files to the cloud or somewhere secure on your computer where you can quickly access them whenever you work with a graphic designer.

The little bit of extra time it takes to send the correct files will save the designer a headache and will decrease the time it takes to produce the final design.