Hananiah is made of pixels* at a basic level.

*Science has not yet confirmed this.

Hananiah Wilson manipulates pixels for money. She feels a strong affinity for the world inside her computer. She was a freelance graphic designer and is now a business analyst on a software development team. She fights for the good guys in the immortal battle to defeat Comic San’s evil plan to take over the internet.

The geek is strong with this one. She was a founding student and mentor of the competitive robotics team FRC 4534. She was advisory board member of Cape Fear Women in Tech and secretary of Port City Robotics. She is Myers Briggs INTP.

Jesus is her theory of everything. As a current resident of the Milky Way, Hananiah attempts to discover the systems that rule the universe.

When not attached to a computer, you will find her attached to a book, singing along with symphonic metal, wandering in the woods, and attempting epic ninja-kicks during soccer games.

Hananiah is pronounced Han-nah-ny-ah. She also goes by her nickname, Hannah.