A Philosophical Evening with the Roaches
The downside of books made of an antique technology called paper is that they can not be read in dim light. I was reminded of this fact one evening when the day’s light ran out as I read outside in a hammock. My brain, however, operates just fine without light, and I continued to swing back and forth as I pondered Deep Thoughts.
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Cool Geeks = an oxymoron?
Can geeks be cool?
Let’s take a step back and think about the inherent nature of words that describe people.
Beauty = the eye of the beholder
This cliched saying used to confuse me. Is beauty not black and white? Aren’t people either beautiful, average, or not? But then I realized that beauty is an opinion, and as such, it is subjective and can not accurately defined. This liberates the term and allows it to be used on the full spectrum of human existence.
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Increase Squarespace Post Liking with an Exploding Heart GIF (Free Tutorial and Download)
By default with the Squarespace themes I've used so far, a little heart icon is hidden at the bottom of blog posts that explodes tiny hearts when clicked. I like this style of liking since it's an anonymous and simple way for readers to show appreciation. However, this icon is often buried under content and other widgets. Here's how I attempt to remedy that and prompt readers to like my posts by using an animated GIF.
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7 Ways to Build Credibility as a Young Professional
As a 19-year-old freelancer, I am often worried that potential clients will downplay my work because of my young age and because I'm not going to college. But the fact that I have gained every single one of my clients through referrals gives me confidence that I am a "real professional" who creates valuable work. Below are seven ways I believe I've accomplished my success so far.
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Why You Should Start a LinkedIn Page During High School
LinkedIn is the Facebook of the business world. I started my LinkedIn page back in 2013 when I was 16 years old, and I have used it to connect with 130 mentors, clients, and fellow conspirators in crime. If you are in high school, I would recommend taking an hour to join LinkedIn and set up your profile to get a head start on growing your connections and career. Keep reading to learn how.
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Why, After Much Deliberation, I Decided Not to Lie to my Clients
As a young and usually soft-spoken introvert, it may surprise people that I have strong opinions (what?), ideas about how things should be done (gasp!), and I don't always follow the advice that seasoned adults condescend to give a young fledgling like myself (this is madness!). I have followed this philosophy with the happy result of going against advice to tell my clients lies.
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What to Learn About Graphic Design from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Star Wars: Episode VII brilliantly brought you back into the classic Star Wars universe by using similar storylines to Episode IV, introducing two compelling new characters, and keeping the classic Star Wars feel by not overusing modern CGI. This last point provides an interesting takeaway for designers and visual storytellers: always moving towards the latest polished and shiny design trends might not always be as effective as powerful familiarity.
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4 Code Snippets to Spice up Your Squarespace Website (Developer Platform Not Required)

I have designed three Squarespace websites this year, and although I love the minimalistic templates, I desired a few additional styles to spice up my blog. With my minimal CSS knowledge, I found and modified four snippets of code to create a custom drop cap intro, block quote, pull quote, and comment prompt. My source code is below, which you can use and modify for your own Squarespace website.

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