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Increase Squarespace Post Liking with an Exploding Heart GIF (Free Tutorial and Download)
By default with the Squarespace themes I've used so far, a little heart icon is hidden at the bottom of blog posts that explodes tiny hearts when clicked. I like this style of liking since it's an anonymous and simple way for readers to show appreciation. However, this icon is often buried under content and other widgets. Here's how I attempt to remedy that and prompt readers to like my posts by using an animated GIF.
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4 Code Snippets to Spice up Your Squarespace Website (Developer Platform Not Required)

I have designed three Squarespace websites this year, and although I love the minimalistic templates, I desired a few additional styles to spice up my blog. With my minimal CSS knowledge, I found and modified four snippets of code to create a custom drop cap intro, block quote, pull quote, and comment prompt. My source code is below, which you can use and modify for your own Squarespace website.

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