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7 Ways to Build Credibility as a Young Professional
As a 19-year-old freelancer, I am often worried that potential clients will downplay my work because of my young age and because I'm not going to college. But the fact that I have gained every single one of my clients through referrals gives me confidence that I am a "real professional" who creates valuable work. Below are seven ways I believe I've accomplished my success so far.
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Why You Should Start a LinkedIn Page During High School
LinkedIn is the Facebook of the business world. I started my LinkedIn page back in 2013 when I was 16 years old, and I have used it to connect with 130 mentors, clients, and fellow conspirators in crime. If you are in high school, I would recommend taking an hour to join LinkedIn and set up your profile to get a head start on growing your connections and career. Keep reading to learn how.
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Why, After Much Deliberation, I Decided Not to Lie to my Clients
As a young and usually soft-spoken introvert, it may surprise people that I have strong opinions (what?), ideas about how things should be done (gasp!), and I don't always follow the advice that seasoned adults condescend to give a young fledgling like myself (this is madness!). I have followed this philosophy with the happy result of going against advice to tell my clients lies.
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