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Cool Geeks = an oxymoron?

By April 12, 2016 No Comments

Can geeks be cool?

Let’s take a step back and think about the inherent nature of words that describe people.

Beauty = the eye of the beholder

This cliched saying used to confuse me. Is beauty not black and white? Aren’t people either beautiful, average, or not? But then I realized that beauty is an opinion, and as such, it is subjective and can not accurately defined. This liberates the term and allows it to be used on the full spectrum of human existence.

If someone thinks you are beautiful, you are the definition of beauty to them.

You = beauty

Now that’s established, let’s replace beauty with another social descriptor.

Coolness = the eye of the beholder

Everyone has a different type of people they think are cool. I want to be around cool people. They are the people who make me thing about things from new perspectives, make me laugh, and are always up for an intellectual debate.

In other words, I think geeks are cool.

I am a geek and always have been.

Proof = I spent hundreds of hours on my competitive robotics team during high school

Being on this robotics team surrounded me with geeks, culminating in the annual competitions where 50 other robotics teams met to pit their robots against each other while dancing to EDM and the Macarena.

If you drew a heat map of the geek concentration in North Carolina on competition weekend, our stadium in Raleigh would have been as bright as the sun.

What better way to have fun than have awkward conversations with complete strangers about interesting topics, knowing the whole time that you will be admired for your strangeness?

This year my robotics team made it to the Worlds final in St. Louis. The team members wore their clanking medals all day to school.

And those kids are cool.

Cool =
   People who care passionately about making things
   Kids who care more about their robotics competition than the prom
   People who write code more fluently than poetry

To me, geeks are cool.

And I hope they are to you too.

Because I think everyone has a geek inside if you let it out.


 My high school robotics team, the  Wired Wizards FRC Team 4534  FTW

My high school robotics team, the Wired Wizards FRC Team 4534  FTW

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