What I’m Currently Working On

  • Leaving social media

  • Budgeting (for the first time!) using the You Need a Budget app - highly recommended

  • Personal productivity overhauls

    • Task management: Switched from Asana > Notion > Google Tasks > Paper > Asana (likely will end up staying with Asana)

    • Note taking: Switched from Evernote > Notion > Evernote (likely will end up staying with Evernote)

    • I will most likely write a blog post about my experimenting with this, so that my indecision and experimenting can help you streamline your own processes faster than me :D

  • Playing violin and singing backup in a church worship band (for the first time!)

  • Some 2019 Goals

    • Read 30 books

    • Sing easily through weak spot

    • Start and keep lifelong habit of staying on top of daily chores

    • DONE! - 100 Days No TV

Updated on April 12, 2019

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