You have found the hidden page, probably by clicking the

: )

on an existing page on this site.

Which brings me to a very deep and important question – what is the best way to format a smiley face?

Most people format smiley faces with a colon and closed parentheses back-to-back. I, however, find this to have inaccurate proportions.


People’s eyes aren’t actually that close to their mouth. So I formatted them like this,

: )

but in an attempt to be anatomically correct, I realized that this person was missing a nose. Upon adding a nose,

:- )

I decided that the nose version looked strange, and smiley faces are impossible to create 100% anatomically correct. Back to colon-space-closed parentheses.

: )

But now – since I often ramble, especially when writing, parentheses are my best friends to explore random trains of thought without breaking the flow of the main point (usually they work, but sometimes they just distract and I wonder if I should break them out into a separate sentence, or if they cause the original sentence to become a run-on, but I love them so much that I keep them in anyway, and people can deal).

During these thought-asides, since I am such an extremely hilarious person, I sometimes wanted to write a smiley face to punctuate my parentheses thought. But upon attempting to include a smiley face inside a parentheses, I discovered an unfortunate fact.

(Regular smiley faces in parentheses create a double chin : ))

This saddened me to no end, and I settled on not using smiley faces inside of parentheses again. The humor of my writing suffered as a result.

BUT! One day I came across text on the internet formatted like this:

(LOOK, it’s a smiley face inside a parentheses that works 😀)

And my writing gained humor again.

Well. Thanks for reading this I guess.









: D