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I Didn’t Go To College and Now Live Inside a Dumpster: A One Year Update

By November 1, 2016 December 14th, 2019 No Comments

I did not to go to college after high school. This is what happened to my life during my first year and a half outside of formal education.


People Looked Deep Into My Eyes and Knew I was Uneducated

Just one conversation with someone who doesn’t judge me… That was all I asked. But unfortunately, that was impossible since my eyes gave me away every time.


Where did I expect I would meet people my own age, if not in college?

General Mental Decline

I stopped learning, my brain started shrinking, and my mental state rapidly declined. I learned that I do not learn unless forced from an outside source. Humans just don’t possess that level of discipline.

Lazy Degradation

I spent my days eating food and watching tv. My life goal was to binge watch one complete television show a week.

Broke My Head on the Entry Level Job Glass Ceiling

No companies would hire me as an employee. I got no job offers, so I decided to freelance instead. Sure, it’s not a “real job,” but something’s got to pay for Netflix.


As a freelancer, I would meet a potential client. Their inevitable first question: “Do you have a degree?” Upon hearing my honest answer, the kind ones offered life advice and the blunt ones huffed in disgust, and they all walked away.

Moved to a Dumpster

My parents kicked me out in disappointment, and since I was not making any money (see “Jobless”) and had no friends (see “Friendless”), I decided to move out back to the dumpster in the alley. I cleaned out the trash, brought blankets and a pillow, and it’s actually quite cozy when you forget about it.


PS — Everything I said is not true. You may treat this post as sarcasm. If you do not know what sarcasm is, you may look it up in a college dictionary.