Signs You are Becoming a Serial Project Starter

By November 17, 2015 No Comments

Do you have new project ideas at the speed of light? You may have the blessing (or curse) of being a serial project starter. Welcome to the club: this post is written from 100% personal experience.


You may be an obsessive serial project starter if:

1. You have more half-finished projects than fingers

You feel guilty about this, but just can’t bring yourself to finish all the projects you start.


2. You’d be a billionaire if only ideas were worth more than 10¢ a dozen

Maybe idea people should form a union and wage war against the low exchange rate of ideas to cash.


3. Your caution and impulse centers fight epic battles until one day impulse pulls ahead, and you dive into a new endeavor

You wonder if you really should start another project, until one day you say YOLO (sorry) and just do it.


4. Then you forget to eat

And drink. And sleep. These things turn out to not be as crucial to life as scientists think.


5. And since you can’t comprehend the meaning of “start small,” you make plans to change the world, morph into a zombie, and burn out

You wake up at 4:00 am with your brain buzzing. You can’t get back to sleep so you get out your computer and work until you grab a small bite to eat at 7:00 am. Then you go to work and do your regular job until lunch break, when you work on your project again. Then you reluctantly return to your other job until the evening, when you go home and get out your computer once again.

And the cycle repeats.

Until one day when it doesn’t.

Because the project is taking up so much space in your mind that there’s no room left for anything else, your body uses its emergency ejection feature and removes the problem. You lose all interest in working on the project and stop completely.


And then you have a new idea and do it all over again.