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To the Little Girl who Hatched Mosquitoes in Her Room

By February 18, 2016 No Comments


Dear Little Girl,

One hot summer, upon perusing the dusty shelves of books in your living room, you pulled out a book about mosquitoes. You read this book and learned about the threat mosquitoes pose to the world, how scientists genetically engineer them, and most importantly for this story – how to recognize a mosquito egg sac.


Living in a humid coastal town, you were surrounded by those pesky little insects. That summer you were overjoyed to find a real-life mosquito egg sac in a bucket in your backyard. To the amusement of your family, you took that little egg sac for your own. You scooped it and a dollop of the bucket’s water into a mason jar and took it to your room.


Every day you eagerly watched that sac until it hatched into dozens of tiny mosquito larvae, and you frequently tapped the mason jar to make them squirm around. They grew larger until one day they formed pupae at the top of the water, and you wisely put mesh on the top of the jar.


The jar became smelly and your sister, who shared a room with you, objected. So you moved the jar outside and continue watching the mosquitoes grow.


And finally one exciting day, they hatched! You had a container of little buzzing insects that you watched from birth to death. (You watched them till death since since as soon as they could fly you proceed to drown them, for after all, mosquitoes are a plague to the world).



Dear little scientist who hatched mosquitoes in her room,

never lose your curiosity.


Dear odd girl who tied up whole rooms in spider-webs made of string,

your projects, although they seem pointless to others, are glorious.


Dear bibliophile who read all the time to learn even more about the wonders of God’s creation,

never stop sticking your face in a book every single day.


Dear tomboy who didn’t care about boys or clothes or celebrities,

you will change, but never lose your innocence.



In conclusion, never lose your wonder. Life will turn out to be more complicated than you expected, but you will still be surrounded by wonderful things if you care to see them.

Dear little girl, never lose your awe.

To all the adventurous children, when your older selves become cynical and hard minded, remind them that life is amazing.